Other exhibitions

Qi Zhuo

Qi Zhuo (FR/CN)

In Le service de table chaleureux, Qi Zhuo’s uses his porcelain mastery and humor to invite us to a feast, a contemporary and teasing reinterpretation of 19th century formal tables.


Paul Bonifas 1893-1967 (CH)

The work of the Genevan Bonifas is influenced by his encounter with Le Corbusier and Amédée Ozenfant in the early 20’s in Paris.

« De Terre et de Soie » - Marie-Laure Guerrier & In-Sook Son

Marie-Laure Guerrier (FR)
In-Sook Son (KR)

The work of Marie-Laure Guerrier, French ceramicist, is exhibited at the Baur Foundation alongside with the needle paintings of the Korean artist In-Sook Son.

« Intus foras » grès noir, 2018-2019 - Jean-Gabriel Cruz ©Baptiste Coulon

Jean-Gabriel Cruz (CH)

Shaped under pressure, ripped out from the earth, these roots are organic, bony and visceral. The making process is meant to be simple and direct.

Taste Contemporary

To mark it’s fifth year as a gallery, Taste Contemporary is proud to present 5cubed; an ambitious exhibition presenting an exciting group of artists working across the fields of Contemporary Ceramics and Textiles.

« Giotto » 2012‐2017, Grès,100x83x40 cm - Johan Tahon ©Gert Jan van Rooij

Johan Tahon (BE)

The ceramic sculpture of Johan Tahon (Belgium, 1965) is powerful and expressive. Though evolving in an original and individual way, it is rooted first of all in artworks and myths of the past. His figures go straight to the essential, seeking neither to seduce nor to deceive; they express the density and complexity of the human condition.

Jacques Kaufmann (FR/CH)

The Musée Ariana is hosting the exhibition MUR | Murs – Jacques Kaufmann, ceramic architecture. This is the first time that the museum will be extending into the Ariana’s grounds with five architectural and monumental installations whose starting point is essentially brick.