Exhibitions in Carouge

Manuel Canu (DK/IT)

Within his work, Manuel Canu questions the relationship between people and architecture and the psychological and emotional influence it has on us.


Exhibition “Platform”

Organised by Swissceramics, Platform is yearly exhibition bringing togother the best diplom works of Switzerland’s Schools of Applied Arts Appliqués (CFC) of Geneva, Vevey and Bern.

Loul Combres

Loul Combres (FR)

For Loul Combres, pottery represents a memory of Humanity. Ubiquitous in the lives of first humans, he tells us how they lived.

Laurin Schaub

Laurin Schaub (CH)

Deeply influenced by studio pottery and the European tradition of porcelain, Laurin Schaub finds his inspiration in the art and design world.

Simone Perrotte

Simone Perrotte (FR)

Simone Perrotte explores ceramics decor. She creates simple rounded shapes, on which she spills randomly black or coloured stains she patiently engraves.

Ashraf Hanna

Ashraf Hanna (GB/EG)

Ashraf’s subsequent body of work consisted of a series of hand-built forms, creating groups and individual vessels, with each object informing the next.

Lauren Nauman

Lauren Nauman (US/GB)

Lauren Nauman’s work displays how porcelain can move under the high heat of a kiln.

Li Zeng et Peng Zeng (CN)

The Galerie Marianne Brand hosts the exhibition component of the Chinese Ceramic Art Project – Switzerland. Two Chinese ceramics masters, Li Zeng et Peng Zeng show their works.

Vue d'exposition, Galerie Fracas, Bruxelles, 2019 - Sarah Pschorn

Sarah Pschorn (DE)

Sarah Pschorn creates three-dimensional collages made of clay, porcelain and found objects.

Stéphanie Raymond ©Christine Refalo

Stéphanie Raymond (FR) // CANCELLED//

Stéphanie Raymond makes unique and often functional ceramics. Her vases represent female figures from a bygone era. Mostly autobiographical, they evoke women close to the nature with their heads crowned with flowers and surrounded by cats.

Keiko Machida (FR/ JP)

Born in Osaka in 1976, after graduated at HEAD Geneva, she lives and works in Evires, Haute-Savoie, France. Her artistic language is drawing. She develops also ceramic work since 2010. She makes a line as much on a paper as in the clay without distinction between materials, to simply search for the potentiality of drawing.

« Germination » 34x26x24 cm, 2018 - Gisèle Buthod-Garçon ©Christine Refalo

Gisèle Buthod-Garçon (FR)

“Say less to express more” is the moto behind Gisèle Buthod-Garçon’s work. She creates simple forms where lines of force are inspired by Cycladic idols or Matisse’s drawings.

Jérôme Galvin (FR)

Above all, Jérôme Galvin’s ceramics are a life experience and a strong means of expression. Its subject is humanity, his pieces are like worlds telling stories through their decor and shapes.

olivier van herpt

Olivier van Herpt (NL)

The industrial machine is a black box between designers and users. It is an imaginary border dividing craft and design. The works of Olivier van Herpt, however, pry apart the machine, expanding this unit for standardised production into a platform for creative exploration.

ECART – European Ceramic Art & Research Team (CH, FR, BE, MC, PT)

For its fourth project, the ECART network – the European Ceramic Research Team – travelled to Portugal to take on a completely new challenge.

Mart Schrijvers

Mart Schrijvers (FR/BE)

Fascinated by gardens and nature, Mart Schrijvers concentrates in following the season’s cycle in her creations.

Yusuke Y. Offhause

Yusuké Y. Offhause (CH/JP)

Plastic packagings have substituted ceramics vessels. They travel around the whole world before being tossed away after use.

Matthew Warner

Matthew Warner (GB)

Matthew Warner is interested in the status of form, function and material, as well as the perceived cultural and social value of the objects that we choose to live with.

Sarah Clotuche

Sarah Clotuche (FR)

Sarah Clotuche is inhabited with the question of the relation between our human and animal parts. More broadly, she interrogates our multifaceted and mixed-raced identity, our “creoleness”.

International Ceramics Competition of the city of Carouge

En 2019, le Concours international de céramique organisé par la Ville de Carouge met l’accent sur le monde végétal en proposant comme thème : « Hortus, le jardin envahit la table ».