Spectacular firing “Fire Art”

Friday 4th October 2019
3pm – 11pm

19. Place de Sardaigne

Loul Combres will be offering a spectacular and festive event. Under the artist’s guidance, volunteer ceramists will be invited* to build a monumental structure in clay. At the end of the biennial, the firing of the work will give rise to a performance combining poetry and pyrotechnic power.

To add to the conviviality, soup, bread, cheese and tea will be provided (subject to availability)

Firing: from 3pm
Spectular firing: 8pm – 11pm

Construction of a monumental work with the artist *: 28.09-02.10, 9am-5pm *registration: info@ceramique-bruckner.ch

Lecture by Loul Combres « Paroles d’argile » (FR): Mon. 30.9, 6pm-7pm

Exhibition at the Atelier Maison Potter

Performance video:

19. Place de Sardaigne

1227 Carouge